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Introduction of Departments

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Department(2)of Orthopaedics
Author: xaszxyy  Release date: 2017/12/28 17:26:37

       The comprehensive department(2)of orthopaedics of Xi’an Central Hospital has a strong technical force and is at the top list in Shaanxi province in terms of medical capacity. It can deal with common orthopedic diseases, including traumatic fracture, neck and shoulder pain, deformity correction, tumor tuberculosis. 
       At present, the number of beds for intensive-care use and general use is 32, and that of medical staff is 25. Among the staff , there are 2 director physicians, 4 assistant director physicians, 3 doctor-in-charges, 3 resident doctors, of whom 1 has a PhD’s degree, 5 have master’s degrees and other 13 are specialist nursing staff at all levels. The Chief Physician, Dr. Bai Longwen has profound accomplishments in the fields of microsurgery, spinal surgery, hand surgery, artificial joints, new internal fixation techniques and treatment of chronic soft tissue injuries, and enjoys special allowance from the State Council, as an outstanding expert in Xi'an. The director physician of the department Zhang Yanping, is currently the member of the Committee of the Xi'an Department of orthopedics, the Xi’an Sports Medicine Branch and the Xi’an Bone and Mineral Disease Research Branch. He has been involved in the orthopedic clinical work for more than 20 years, and has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of spine trauma and joint diseases of the extremities. And he is particularly good at surgical treatment of artificial joint replacement and arthroscopy and has successfully accompished more than 5000 variously complicated cases of orthopedic surgeries.
       The department has a variety of advanced orthopedic clinical equipment, including the three-chip arthroscopy system and power planing system designed by the American company Szacek, the American Arthrocare 2000 plasma ablation system, Germany imported Lycra microscope, a full set of hand surgery and microsurgery instruments, imported multifunctional and high-speed bone drill. In addition, it has the C-arm fluoroscopemade by the American GE company, orthopedic traction bed, CPM rehabilitation apparatus, fracture treatment apparatus, and anti-thrombotic pump, etc.
       Nearly a thousand cases of surgeries of spine, joints, limbs and minimally invasive surgeries are completed by the department each year, which include the replacement of a bilateral artificial shoulder joint, hip joint, knee joint ; resection for joint-tumor patients and artificially customized joint replacement; spine tumor, tuberculosis thoracotomy, laparoscopic radical resection and internal fixation; Joint surgery; knee arthroscopy minimally invasive repair of a multi-ligament reconstruction; severe complications of the limbs, pelvis and spine fractures around the reduction and fixation surgery; complex hand injury deformity repair and functional reconstruction; replantation of severed fingers; and a variety of free and pedunculated skin flap transplantation, vascular graft, functional reconstruction after muscle and nerve injury of limbs; minimally invasive thumb hallux valgus deformity surgery. With the multi-disciplinary cooperation in the treatment of senile fractures perioperative management, surgical treatment, minimally invasive interventional treatment of osteoporotic spine fractures, the department takes the leading position in the country or the province as to some certain technologies.
Distinctive diagnosis and treatment projects:
1. Surgical treatment of a variety of severe and complex orthopedic traumas and combined injuries;
2. Systematical diagnosis of joint disease, minimally invasive treatment and a variety of artificial joint replacement;
3. Minimally invasive and microscopic treatment of common hand diseases, severe trauma and various tumor deformities;
4. Minimally invasive treatment of foot, ankle injury and hallux valgus deformity;
5. Surgical and minimally invasive intervention treatment of a variety of osteoporotic fractures of the old;
6. Open surgery and minimally invasive treatment of cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal tumors and other various diseases;
7. Examination and treatment of arthroscopic injury;