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Introduction of Departments

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Anorectal Surgery Department
Author: xaszxyy  Release date: 2017/12/28 17:29:09

       Founded in 1950s, the anorectal surgery department has become the only anorectal specialist set in the large third-class general hospital in Shaanxi Province with 50 and more years of history. After years of efforts, the department is excellent in clinical diagnosis and treatment, scientific research as well as teaching, it has admitted over 10 million patients and trained hundreds of grass-roots anorectal doctors. As a result, the department has become the leading collective of anorectal community in Xi'an and won good reputation in the vast majority of patients.
       Currently, the department has 8 doctors and 12 nurses, including 2 master's degree holders, 7 bachelor's degree holders, 1 visiting professor in the School of Medicine of Yan'an University, 2 senior title owners, associated senior title owners. Besides, it is complete with 36 patient beds, 2 modernized operating rooms, bathroom-equipped wards which can accommodate 2 people, as well as anorectal clinic and constipation clinic.
       The department now has the first in Shaanxi, the latest Israeli-made "Saite Blue" electronic sigmoid colon anoscope, "ZGJ-D3-type double-guided anorectal pressure detector" produced by Mike Electronics Company in Hefei, "copper ion electrochemical therapy instrument" manufactured by Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd., "ZZ-type anorectal and therapeutic apparatus""rectal anal hemorrhoids Stapler", "intelligent anorectal fumigation treatment instrument" and a number of advanced medical facilities made by Sino-foreign joint ventures. All above have greatly meet clinical needs. 
       The department complete various operations more than one thousand cases each year, and forms its unique means of diagnosis and treatment of "high complex anal fistula" and this kind of operation ranks first in Shaanxi Province in terms of operating complexity and surgical cases. We also lead in "high complexity of anal fistula resection and second-time dredge anal surgery" and "high complex anal fistula tunnel surgery". The "pedicled myocutaneous flap for the treatment of high complex anal fistula" surgery is an independent-innovated surgical method combined with advanced foreign experience which won the "second prize of new technologies" approved by Xi'an Municipal Health Bureau and is still the surgical procedure only can be finished in Shaanxi.
       Complete anal rectal prolapse treatment, over the years has been one of the classic treatments of our department. After continuous improvement, its sclerosing agent around the rectum injection, rectal submucosal injection, anal sphincter is recognized by peers because these treatments are not only free from laparotomy but also with good curative effect and low recurrence rate. Our department took the initiative to carry out minimally invasive hemorrhoids operation such as "PPH Surgery", "TST Surgery" and "Copper Ion Electrochemotherapy". The number of operation is currently the top three in the province. At the same time, in the treatment of rectocele and rectum mucous membrane folds, "PPH Surgery" has achieved positive results, the "PPH combined with electric clamp external hemorrhoidectomy for severe mixed hemorrhoids" (independent innovation) in particular, has well extended the multipurpose of PPH surgery. The minimally invasive surgery of "sphincter resection plus local release" with small needle knife for the treatment of chronic anal fissure (independent innovation) has changed the anal fissure patients healing in the painful process, while greatly shortening the course of treatment.
       In the treatment of complicated rectal anal diseases, the "anorectal stenosis", "sacrococcygeal teratoma resection", "sacrococcygeal sinusoids resection" and other surgical treatment are in the forefront in Shaanxi Province. And in terms of colorectal cancer treatment, the "transabdominal resection of colorectal cancer", "rectal polyps resection", "rectum polyposis colorectal cancer anal sphincter preservation surgery" are also very unique. In addition, the use of "hard electronic sigmoidoscopy colon polyp surgery" and anorectal manometry in clinical treatment "also won the new technology awards granted by the hospital and the Health Bureau. Also, for congenital pediatric rectal anal canal malformations, it has made great accomplishments.
       The department has established a constipation diagnosis and treatment center to conduct basic research and clinical treatment of outlet obstruction constipation. With some means of inspection such as "rectal anal pressure meter,""slow colon transmission experiment,""defecography,""anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscle myoelectric activity", the centre studies, diagnoses and treats constipation patients by adopting "drug therapy,""physiological feedback Treatment, "" rectal prolapse repair "," sphincterotomy "," rectal mucosal resection and columnar suture "and other treatment methods which have gained satisfactory clinical results and thus filled   the blank in this aspect in Xi’an.