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Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department
Author: xaszxyy  Release date: 2017/12/28 18:20:57

        Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department is one of the Xi’an advantage specialities as well as the key department of our hospital. We have strong technical force as well as a professional quality and constantly enterprising team. We have 47 staff, including 10 chief physicians, 6 vice chief physicians, 3 attending doctors, 4 resident doctors, 3 doctoral degrees and 14 master degrees. We publish dozens of academic papers on national and provincial journals every year.
        We have rich clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular system disease, and have a better understanding in the fields of coronary disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, lipid metabolic disorders, heart failure, various arrhythmias, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, etc. Based on the standardization of various cardiovascular system disease, we carried out a variety of cardiac interventional diagnosis and treatment technology as well as clinical and basic experimental research actively. We did more than 1500 cardiac interventional diagnosis and surgical treatment like coronary arteriography, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and coronary stent implantation, transcatheter closure of congenital heart disease and ventricular septal defect, implantation of temporary and permanent cardiac pacemaker, radio-frequency ablation, and  Intra-aortic Balloon Pump every year. Number and success rate of completed cases all reached the leading level of provinces and cities. Especially the development of coronary flow reserve measurement technique, which can handle indication of stent implantation more accurately.
        We have advanced equipments, completed facilities and considerate service. We set 80 beds. We equip many advanced equipments like CCU intensive care unit, central monitoring system, telemetric ECG monitor, defibrillator, dynamic electrocardiogram, ambulatory blood pressure, Cardiac electrophysiology stimulator, aortic balloon counter pulsation instrument and intracardiac polygraph.
        We provide service to patients with excellent medical skill, advanced equipment and good medical service. Nowadays, cardiovascular disease has become the number one killer of human health. Our medical workers still have a long way to go. We carry out health education and promote healthy life style by various ways, in order to prevent cardiovascular disease, improve people’s physical equality and living standard. We decide to carry forward the spirit of diligent thinking, exploration, struggle and dedication continuously, and make greater contribution to reducing the pain of patients and the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease career in our country.
Director of department: Ma Feng
        He is the chief physician of cardiovascular medicine, the committee member of cardiovascular branch of Shaanxi Institute of Medicine, the committee member of pacemaker electrophysiology group, member of the standing committee of Internal Medicine Society of Xi’an Institute of Medicine, and part-time professor of Department of Internal Medicine of Yan’an Univeristy. He graduated from medicine department of Xi'an Medical University in 1987, graduated from clinical master's degree of The Fourth Military Medical University in 2002, studied in the French Caen University Heart Center in 2005 to learn coronary interventional treatment technology, and studied in heart center of University of Minnesota to learn interventional diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia. He has been worked in for cardiovascular medicine more than 20 years. He is familiar with the latest diagnosis and treatment technology of cardiovascular disease. He took part in more than 2000 cardiac interventional operations like coronary angiography and stent implantation, electrophysiological examination of various cardiac arrhythmias, radiofrequency ablation and pacemaker implantation and transcatheter closure of congenital heart disease. He is good at the treatment of coronary heart disease and all kinds of complex arrhythmia. He attended 5 provincial and municipal research projects, participated in 2 works and published more than 20 professional academic papers.
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Address: the 7th floor of complex building