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Author:xaszxyy  Release date:2017-12-28
Treatment Notice to patients 
Dear patients:
Thank you for your trust and support to our hospital. For your convenience, I will introduce the related situations of our Outpatient service as following:
One. Real-name treatment
Our hospital implements a real-name treatment system with an all-in-one card. When getting a card, please provide the real and valid Identity credentials or information to the staff, and get treatment with the card. In order to protect your rights and interests as well as avoid unnecessary problems, please do not use others’ card.
Two.Registration time and outpatient opening hours
Registration time: 7:30-12:00am, 1:30-5:00pm Monday to Friday
                          8:00-16:00(including one hour for lunch) Holidays and Festivals
Emergency treatment: 24 hour service
Three.Notice for use of the card
1. You should get an all-in-one card at first. We suggest you to deposit a certain amount of pre-payment according to your requirements of the treatment, so that you can avoid the trouble of repeatedly queuing. For patients with ID card, please get a card at the self-service machine and deposit a certain amount of pre-payment, then register at the corresponding triage station. Or you can get a card at the outpatient hall window with your ID card, then register at the corresponding triage station.
2. After the treatment, please print the invoices at the charging window of outpatient hall. Print the detailed list at No.6 window. Please keep the card in order to realize self-service registration, online or phone booking, self-service fee, etc. In the meanwhile, part of the treatment information are reserved in the card, you can check for your subsequent visit. If the card is lost or damaged, please make a loss reporting and reapply in time according to the established procedure. 
3. For your security, please change the password in time after you get a card. If the card is lost or damaged, the deposit will not be returned.
4. If you lost your card, please make a loss reporting application at the connected hospital in time. The economic loss caused by the failure of timely loss reporting is borne by you.
5. If you want to refund the card, please get to the same hospital with your payment slip and valid card.
Four. Warm tips
1. The treatment number is limited in the treatment hours of that day, overdue is invalid.
2. You need to register for subsequent visit, consulting, medicine and so on.
3. For the patients who are firstly visit, you can register ordinary first if you do not get an expert number. Then register experts after you get your inspection results. So that you can save your time.
4. Please consulting the stuff if you are not sure about which department you should register, so that you will not waste time and delay the illness.
5. The office hour of experts is almost fixed(See the display screen in the outpatient hall). The actual outpatient service is subject to the display screen in the hospital hall. Due to the rotation of the outpatient doctors and resident doctors in our hospital, please pay attention to the doctors’ information at the registration station.
6. For your treatment safety, our hospital crack down on "medical care" behavior severely. If someone recommend other hospitals or medicines to you “warm-heartedly”, please don't believe it and inform the security personnel if necessary.

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